Wednesday, November 5, 2008


We went to the county club party with the family on halloween night.  Great food, great prizes, games and dancing!!! Thanks Mom for inviting us!  We had a blast.  Our family won 4 out of the 6 prizes given for best costumes!!! Well not us... my brothers and sisters :-)  Holly and Blair were little red riding hood and the big bag wolf, Christy was little bo peep and micheal was her little sheep, and David and Lins were batman and batwoman!  Mark and I were soccer players... basically we didn't have costumes and these jerseys were already in our apartment :-)  But Nora was the cutest lil pumpkin ever!!Grandma and Grandpa only missing 4 grandkids (Kelly and Rich's kids, we missed you guys!)


Cyndy Parkinson said...

Are you already counting the baby Kelly has on the way?

Parkinson Family said...

what a cute little pumpkin!

Leslie said...

Ok that is seriously the cutest little baby pumpkin I have ever seen in my life! OMG :) She is such a dolly! and you guys look great too :)
Yeah, those pics were from our halloween... It was totally fun. I think jared is my fav. he can really pull off an awesome rocker dude! Yeah, it was also in our house... Jared got some killer lighting equiptment, so if you ever need or want family pictures hes the man to call! We miss you guys and we should do something again! we always talk about our super fun date with you guys before baby nora was born, we need to do that again!!! take care! xoxo
jared leslie mason

Kelly Evanson said...

very cute! we missed out. i can't believe you didn't dress up for david and lindsey's party. shame on you! don't do that again. we went to one with just couples and it was awesome. some of the costumes were really good. talk to you later