Sunday, September 27, 2009


We had TWO awesome family reunions this past summer back to back! LAKE MICHIGAN one week with my fam and LAKE TAHOE the next week with Mark's fam. Mark took the second block of summer session off at UVU to be able to hit both the trips, so it was so fun having him home for a month and being able to get some quality family time in. I know it's been a while since we've posted... I'm just not too good at the blog thing! I mean come on I don't even have a background! WHO ELSE HAS A WHITE BACKGROUND ON THEIR BLOG??!! This summer was so much fun for us! And Mark is finally DONE studying for the LSAT (which he took yesterday!) Now we start the application process for law schools, cruise through this school year, Mark graduates in April, HAVE A BABY THE FIRST WEEK OF MAY, and probably move across the country by August!! Wow this year will be fun! There's the lowdown.... and yep I'm pregnant again :-) Nora and the new baby will be 19 months apart and hopefully... the BEST OF FRIENDS!! haha! We are having a birthday party for Nora today with mine and Mark's families so hopefully I'll post some of those pics later this week. Nora is so much fun! We really love her, and everyday I am so grateful that Heavenly Father is sending us his children. Family is so important, so thanks for such fun trips this summer!! THANKS to Brian, Nat, Bob and Diane for making Tahoe possible and THANK YOU Mom for making Michigan possible! We love you!
Grandma reading to all the babies!I have no idea what she is about to eat here! I guess I should have taken it away instead of taking a picture :-)
all the fabulous Evans girls!!
Lisa designed our family reunion shirts! watch out she's gonna have her own clothing line someday.
Nora's favorite aunts and uncles, probably because they speak her language right now :-)
the whole clan!! minus steve on his mission and Mandie and Craig's baby is still in the oven.
Bob, Diane and all the happy grandkids! (we have this same shot with my mom and her "happy" grandkids too)

the stellar guys...
and of course super cute girls!

Here's Michigan...
and there's some of the happy grandkids! :-)
daddy daughter moment

David totally took us out!

they look really excited to go on the tube!!

Lenora and Stacey Lenora!


Kate and Wiley said...

Hey Jody it looks like you had an eventful summer! I hope Mark did well on his LSAT. You will have to keep us posted on all of that! I can't believe you are pregnant again! haha. Congratulations!!

Sarah said...

Looks like fun. I'm so excited for you guys, havin another babe. We're right on eachothers heals! We need to see you guys soon, I hope you're not feeling too badly! Congrats!

Alecia Dave and DMax said...

What PREGO???? YEAHH!!! I'm so excited for you! LIfe just doesn't stop for us does it! How is the pregnancy going? Hope you are feeling well. How is it carrying one and having another to take care of? Wow! What an adventure!
Love you tons and miss you too!!!

Cheryl said...

Both trips looked like a blast and one of these times I really hope I can get back to Michigan. Your pictures are great and Jody you look awesome! Congrats on pregnancy #2...WOW...hope you are feeling ok!

The Johnson Family said...

Congrats on the pregnancy, that's awesome. Your family looks so great!! We still need to get together, Jake and Nora are probably at a good age to play together!

Cyndy Parkinson said...

You're welcome for Michigan. It was a fun time!! Thanks to Mark and Rhonda as well for their awesome "cottage", boats, waverunners and hospitality. Good times make for great memories!
Love MOM

Rhiannon said...

HEY! Congrats on #2! That is so exciting! How are you feeling? You are the cutest little family ever! Can't wait to see Nora's little brother or sister. How fun!

eden and david said...

congrats on baby #2! looks like you had tons of fun this summer!!