Thursday, June 23, 2011

I guess Joe and Stacey have some competition!

I think this was the first activity where Nora and Robbie both had a blast the WHOLE time. From start to finish they were having so much fun!! We will definitely be mini golfing again. We brought our own clubs because our mickey mouse clubs from grandma are soo much cooler!

She was so proud every time she hit the ball, especially when it hit someone else's ball!

what a stud! Robbie was running all over the place!

hole in one! ok, not really since the ball is in his hand.

future tiger woods y'all
And of course this was all done for free! lol :-) Michigan has an annual "Be a tourist in your own town" event. You pack in all the activities you possibly can for free in one day. We also went on a boat ride in lansing, saw a puppet show, visiting the city market and road the city buses (daddy's school bus in Nora's words) to get to each location, it was way fun!


Kelly Evanson said...

how fun . . . a free day!! i recognize robbie's shirt!! i have lots of more stuff for you when I see you!

Scott and Tiffany Evans said...

Our kids LOVE miniature golf. When we go it is more like hockey though. They just keep hitting it. I love the picture of Robbie with his mouth open SO CUTE!

Laura said...

Your kids are sooo cute!!! Love the pictures. What a cool thing Michigan does.

Mark Evans said...

Very cute! What a fun Activity!