Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Mark And Jody

So, this is mostly for Brian, but for those of you who continually wonder who Jody is here are some pictures of us at lagoon. Also some buddies. . . 


Brian, Natalie, & Kyrie said...

Hot mammajamma.... Dude, she is a pretty girl. Who are all those dudes at Lagon with y'all... ps post some pics of the new iphone and the hottest selling points. I am unable to access the info on my student account.

Happy BBQing

Jared & Leslie said...

Yes, she is so beautiful and she has an awesome personality to match! You both look pretty good together... :) You should do something about that :)
Love you!
jared leslie and baby

The ALPINE Hub said...

i will never tell
mom :)

The ALPINE Hub said...

I remember the day at Lagoon with you and jody! it was so much fun! and the pictures that i took i am really good at that ;)
love ya!