Saturday, July 14, 2007


So, I'm am engaged to be married, its kind of an amazing deal! I no longer have to look around for the girl of my dreams, no longer have to spend money on other peoples wife's and I never have to wonder who my next kiss will be coming from. I guess there are some things that aren't so great, like picking colors, choosing best men or brides maids, BBQ or Luncheon,  or figuring out what all the guest are going to be eating while I'm standing on my feet all day greeting people I've never met before and will never meet again. But with all those things aside I am super excited to be marrying Jody. She makes me very happy and will make me even happier come September 8th ;-)


Jared & Leslie said...

Yeah! Congratulations! We are so excited for you guys! Can you believe it... You'll be married before you know it! It is absloutly wonderful to be married, especially to the person better then you could have ever imagined :) We love you both! Post some more pictures :)
Jared, Leslie, and little nephew

Julian said...

Hummm Mark is going to ..... get Married!

Don't worry your brother and I can help you out with anything you need to know! For a small sum of course.