Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Baby Shower at Maglebys

Thank you Mom, Christy and Stacey for throwing me such a fun shower!!!  Our baby is gonna be so spoiled with all the cute stuff that she got!!!  It was so fun to have tons of family and friends come!

well the baby ticker to the right has stopped ticking, BUT the baby is still cookin!!!  I'll keep y'all posted when she finally decides to make her debut!!!  As for now.... she is teaching me patience :-)

my mom and sisters, they are so good to me!!
my mom and sisters from the mission!!  well ok this is my mission presidents wife and some of my companions
The Evans girls... and stephanie! :-)  I married into a beautiful family!!


CrAiG & MaNdIe SuE said...

ahh you guys all look so cute!! i wish i could of made it to your shower!! Im sorry! but I cant wait for your little girl to come! she will be so dang cute in her cute little dress for my wedding! plans so far have been fun, we booked the reception center already and put the deposit down, but diane told me that once the kitchen is complete then its all about me.. and Im sure your darling baby!! love ya guys!! seeya when you have the babe i will be there be square.

Sarah said...

That was fast! Good job...k so I hope we get to hang out because I really want to see you but on the other hand of for your sake I hope I'm seeing you at the hospital instead. Just keep remembering that having her in your belly is the easiest way to take care of her!

Parkinson Family said...

yeah it was fun! you got such cute stuff!

Kelly Evanson said...

i am so bummed i missed out. where am i in the sisters picture. i guess i just have to get used to it. i am the only one not in utah. anyway, hang in there these next few days. just go get a massage and get your nails done or something. or you could clean and just really take advantage with your last couple days with no kids!!!!

Cyndy Parkinson said...

I feel your pain. . . When you are feeling sorry for yourself, just think of your poor mother who went 7 days late with Christy, 17 days late with Holly, was induced for the first time after being 14 days late with Kelly, and then was induced for the last 4 as well. You'll be happy when she comes out at 8 pounds. And I need a couple more days to get caught up around here before I camp out on your sofa anyway. Love, MOM