Monday, January 25, 2010


The cutest thing happened last night!

For some reason Nora did not want to go to sleep. She was hysterical! Mark made her a bottle, but nothing would calm her down. Finally I sat in the rocker with her in my arms and rocked and sang her to sleep! She hasn't let me do that in almost a year! It was so sweet. I think I sang the same song 20 times but it was so worth it. She's pretty active and does not like cuddling usually. So this was so much fun for me! I love her so much!

Just one of those I LOVE BEING A MOM moments!

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Kelly Evanson said...

dude!! where are some updates? i haven't check blogged in 3 months! i want to see some pix's of nora. hope you are feeling ok. i think you are hitting your last trimester. hang in there!! let us know when you find out about law school!