Thursday, February 4, 2010

This is for Kelly!

So it's been a while since I've posted a bunch of pictures of Nora, so this post is especially for Kelly who is wanting an update! Nora is just a little ball of fire! So independent it's almost scary! Not like her mom at all who use to go door to door and introduce herself and her family everytime they moved to a new place. We went to jump on it for the first time last week and then went again this week. It's only $3 and Nora is able to get ALL her energy out! She just rolls around everywhere, runs, jumps, dances to the music and is all smiles while we're there. The best part is that she falls right to sleep when we leave for lack of energy, I love it!

so maybe not ALL smiles! this is her attitude face! This is her "mom, I want to play with your camera" face!

jumping, rolling, laughing... all the fun stuff!

Thanks to Sarah and Etta for inviting us and telling us about Jump On It!
Yet another mischievous act by Lenora!
her new thing is to throw everything out of her crib INSTEAD of napping. What she threw out, 3 blankets, all her crib bedding and bumpers (which were tied to the posts), two books, her stuffed elephant and her baby doll! I didn't realize how much stuff was in her crib until it was all on the floor.

She of coarse thought it was hilarious!
Now our biggest problem is that once she throws everything out she can't fall asleep because she's obsessed with her blankets and baby doll and wants them back in the crib! I guess she's just gonna have to learn the hard way!


Rhiannon said...

haha! that is so funny! she is a cutie!

Kelly Evanson said...

thanks jody! i feel so special! nora is such a cutie. can't wait to see her again. she will be a little toddler by then. she already is i guess!

Scott and Tiffany Evans said...

So cute!! I LOVE her attitude picture. Since you are taking requests I want to see pictures of baby number 2!!! Ultrasound pics and belly pics I LOVE the prego pictures. We are going to be down in the end of April...tell me you guys are still going to be around.

Skylar said...

she is just darling! oh, the things we do to tire our kids out and the reward of a good rest is priceless!!!

Cheryl said...

oops that was me by the way, i didn't realize i was signed in under skylar's name :)

Mabis said...

she is soo pretty and big!!! her eyes are beautiful! Congratulations on your pregnancy!

Laura said...

She is a little girl! She's definitey a cutie! I hope you are feeling good. You are almost in count down mode ... craziness!